Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

  • Madeleine Durie
    Madeleine Durie
    Chief Executive
  • Becky Pollard
    Becky Pollard
    Director of Services
  • Debbie Burns
    Debbie Burns
    Deputy Chief Executive

Management Team

  • Kirsty Reynolds
    Kirsty Reynolds
    Early Years/Childcare Manager
  • Carly Redwood
    Carly Redwood
    Fundraising and Communications Manager
  • Nikki Crooks
    Nikki Crooks
    Resources Manager

Finance, Funding & Admin

  • Anne Alexander
    Anne Alexander
    Finance Officer
  • Bonnie Peerless
    Bonnie Peerless
    Office Administrator
  • Melanie Kneller
    Melanie Kneller
    Office Manager

Youth Support

  • Heather Ryall
    Heather Ryall
    Delivery Manager
  • Mark Ford
    Mark Ford
    Delivery Manager
  • Caroline D
    Caroline Davis
    Youth Support Worker
  • Chris Parsloe
    Chris Parsloe
    Youth Support Worker
  • Craig Mallett
    Craig Mallett
    Youth Support Worker
  • Emma Cook
    Emma Cook
    Youth Support Worker
  • Lucy Hudson
    Lucy Hudson
    Youth Support Worker
  • Melissa Osowski
    Melissa Osowski
    NEET Key Worker
  • Nadine Townsend
    Nadine Townsend
    Youth Support Worker
  • Odette-Jacobs
    Odette Jacobs-Headspith
    Youth Support Worker
  • Rachael Hancock
    Rachael Hancock
    Youth Support Worker
  • Rose Westlake
    Rose Westlake
    Youth Support Worker
  • Serina Mall
    Serina Mall
    Youth Support Worker
  • Stuart Cooper
    Stuart Cooper
    Youth Support Worker

Outdoor Learning

  • Jamie Boyd
    Jamie Boyd
    Outdoor Learning Manager
  • Donna Sewell
    Donna Sewell
    Outdoor Learning Leader
  • Henry Johnson
    Henry Johnson
    Outdoor Learning Leader
  • Jill Doubleday
    Jill Doubleday
    Casual Outdoor Learning Leader
  • Jon Sharps
    Jon Sharps
    Outdoor Learning Leader
  • Sharon Emery
    Sharon Emery
    Outdoor Learning Leader
  • Tom Goodwin
    Tom Goodwin
    Outdoor Learning Delivery Supervisor
  • Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan
    Outdoor Learning Site Supervisor
  • Tom Westall
    Tom Westall
    Outdoor Learning Assistant

NVR Practitioner's

  • Jemma Cowley
    Jemma Cowley
    NVR Practitioner - Lead Worker
  • Jeanette Janes
    Jeanette Janes
    NVR Support Worker
  • Louise Stapleford
    Louise Stapleford
    NVR Practitioner


  • Emma Ashton
    Emma Ashton
    Centre Assistant

Early years and Childcare

  • Mariangela Bryant
    Mariangela Bryant
    Pre-School Manager
  • Clare Wightman
    Clare Wightman
    School’s Out Coordinator
  • Abi
    Abi Noakes
  • Ann Marie-Waite
    Ann Marie-Waite
  • Kelly hayes
    Kelly Hayes
    Preschool Deputy Manager
  • Kiaya Walters
    Kiaya Walters
  • Laura Bowie
    Laura Bowie
    Playworker/Preschool assistant
  • Lisa Lidstone
    Lisa Lidstone
    Preschool Assistant
  • Louise Walker
    Louise Walker
  • Melanie Robinson
    Melanie Robinson
    Preschool and Schools Out Manager
  • Paige Richards
    Paige Richards
    Senior Lead Playworker
  • Rachael Cooper
    Rachael Cooper
    Pre-School Assistant
  • Rebecca Fahey
    Rebecca Fahey
    Preschool Assistant
  • Rebekah Sheppard
    Rebekah Sheppard
  • Sarah Knapp
    Sarah Knapp
    Preschool Assistant
  • Stephanie Barham
    Stephanie Barham
  • Suzie MclIdoon
    Suzie Mclidoon
    Pre-School Manager
  • Terrie Bragg
    Terrie Bragg
  • Zara Wilde
    Zara Wilde
    Pre-School Manager