At Youth Options, we pride ourselves on the total commitment and extensive experience of our team. Our selection process is very thorough, and we pick our youth support teams to optimise our ability to deliver excellence in our support and education of young people.

We pride ourselves on the total commitment and extensive experience of our team

Youth Options

Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon
    Chief Executive
  • Becky Pollard
    Becky Pollard
    Director of Services
  • Debbie Burns
    Debbie Burns
    Deputy Chief Executive

Management Team

  • Kirsty R
    Kirsty Reynolds
    Early Years/Childcare Manager
  • CR
    Carly Redwood
    Fundraising and Communications Manager
  • nikki
    Nikki Crooks
    Resources Manager

Finance, Funding & Admin

  • Anne Alexander
    Anne Alexander
    Finance Officer
  • Bonnie Peerless
    Bonnie Peerless
    Office Administrator
  • Melanie Kneller
    Melanie Kneller
    Office Manager

Early years and Childcare

  • Lisa Conway
    Lisa Conway
    Early Years and Childcare Quality Coordinator
  • Clare Wightman
    Clare Wightman
    School’s Out Coordinator
  • Mariangela Bryant
    Mariangela Bryant
    Pre-School Manager
  • Abi
    Abi Noakes
    Lead Playworker - The Scott Centre
  • Alice Wells
    Alice Wells
    Lead Playworker
  • Alicia
    Alicia Farmer
  • Ann
    Ann Marie-Waite
  • carly
    Carly Hughes
    Breakfast Club Assistant
  • Debbie Goddard
    Debbie Goddard
  • Gemma
    Gemma Marriner
  • Hannah
    Hannah Tyson
  • Jade
    Jade Juniper
  • Katie Dean
    Katie Dean
  • Kelly
    Kelly Hayes
    Preschool Assistant
  • Kiaya
    Kiaya Walters
    Deputy Lead Playworker - Endeavour King Campus
  • Laura Bowie
    Laura Bowie
    Pre-School Assistant / Deputy Lead Playworker
  • Louise Walker
    Louise Walker
  • Maisie Burrows
    Maisie Burrows
  • Martha S
    Martha Smith
  • Rebbeca Fairchild
    Rebbeca Fairchild
    Breakfast Club Assistant
  • RS
    Rebekah Sheppard
    Lead Playworker - Endeavour King Campus
  • Sarah Knapp
    Sarah Knapp
    Deputy Pre-School Supervisor
  • SG
    Shannon Glassett
    Lead Playworker -Pilgrims Cross
  • sb
    Stephanie Barham
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Rattle
  • Terrie
    Terrie Bragg

Outdoor Learning

  • Jamie Boyd
    Jamie Boyd
    Outdoor Learning Manager
  • DS
    Donna Sewell
    Forest School Leader
  • IK
    Ida Kubisz
    Higher Education Placement Student
  • Jon Sharps
    Jon Sharps
    Youth Support Worker
  • Lisa Lidstone
    Lisa Lidstone
    Early Years Practitioner
  • Rachael Cooper
    Rachael Cooper
    Pre-School Assistant
  • Suzie MclIdoon
    Suzie Mclidoon
    Pre-School Manager
  • Tom Goodwin
    Tom Goodwin
    Forest School Leader
  • Zara Wilde
    Zara Wilde
    Pre-School Manager


  • Emma Ashton
    Emma Ashton
    Centre Assistant

Families Together

  • Jemma Cowley
    Jemma Cowley
    NVR Practitioner - Lead Worker
  • Louise Stapleford
    Louise Stapleford
    NVR Practitioner
  • Pippa Harris
    Pippa Harris
    Youth Support Worker
  • Tom Bastable
    Tom Bastable
    Youth Support Worker

Youth Support

  • Heather Ryall
    Heather Ryall
    Delivery Manager
  • Hayley Pettitt-Miller
    Hayley Pettitt-Miller
    Delivery Manager
  • BG
    Ben Gillett
    Youth Support Worker
  • Bradley
    Bradley Muchemwa
    Youth Support Worker
  • Caroline D
    Caroline Davis
    Youth Support Worker
  • Casey Taylor
    Casey Taylor
    Youth Support Worker
  • CS
    Claire Soutar
    Key Support Worker
  • Jessie
    Jessie Docherty
    Youth Support Worker
  • John
    John Cavalier
    Youth Support Worker
  • Nadine Townsend
    Nadine Townsend
    Youth Support Worker
  • Odette
    Odette Jacobs-Headspith
    Youth Support Worker
  • Rachael Hancock
    Rachael Hancock
    Youth Support Worker
  • Rose Westlake
    Rose Westlake
    Youth Support Worker
  • Serina Mall
    Serina Mall
    Youth Support Worker
  • Stuart Cooper
    Stuart Cooper
    Youth Support Worker