Youth Options places immense value on the support provided by volunteers and in return offers them a structured support system and a variety of training opportunities. Volunteers are welcomed from the age of sixteen, and Youth Options aims to provide them with an exciting choice of activities and projects to volunteer with, that suit the skills and abilities of the individual. There are opportunities for volunteering across a range of our projects. If you are interested in volunteering please take time to look through the projects available to see what would most suit your skills.

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See what a young volunteer has to say

Time Out

I have been in care since I was 4 years old. From the age of 11 I used to take part in a project called Dreamwall, which then became Time Out when Youth Options took over in 2011. The project was for Looked After Children (LAC). I used to attend residentials with Time Out, where we took part in various activities such as “Puddle Sliding”, “River Walks”, team building and communication games. During the weekends we had to be responsible for everything from shopping for food, cooking, clearing up and packing away. We also got to take responsibility for leading some activities. I made many new friends, had fun and took part in lots of things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.



Young Volunteer

I was introduced to the Impact project in 2012 when I was 15. Impact was for younger LAC. They told me about the opportunities for volunteering and becoming a mentor. It sounded challenging and fun so I decided to give it a go. I hadn’t thought about volunteering before but thought this would look good on my CV. I also had never committed to anything before, and if I did it would show my auntie that I could do well and she’d be proud of me. I volunteered with Impact twice a week until it came to an end in November 2014. When I first started I lacked confidence, and was very quiet. But the longer I did it the easier it became; I helped the children with various activities, encouraging them to participate, while supporting their social skills, and confidence building.

I still volunteer with Youth Options at the Time Out residentials for younger LAC. I feel that I am a good role model for them, as they can see that even though things have been tough for me in the past, like it is for them, I am doing well. I’m at Military Prep College, and I’m hoping to join the RAF to become a Fire Fighter. Youth Options does really good work for young people, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to get involved with them.

Quote from his carer

He loves volunteering for Youth Options and his self esteem is sky high which is great.

I am glad he is attending the NCS project which happens to fall in with his 2 week summer leave from college.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the staff from Youth Options who have supported him over the years. They certainly have made a positive impact on his life.