Our alternative provision services are designed to support children and young people struggling to engage with mainstream education or who are attending specialised education centres. 

Our provision supports young people to improve their social and emotional capabilities, whilst also providing opportunities to achieve nationally recognised accreditations. 

This provision can vary from a half-term to a full academic year, but is entirely dependent on the needs and wishes of the school/education centre.

Content is decided through discussion with the school/education centre, but our courses include: 

  • Outdoor/environmental learning 
  • Employability skills 
  • Teamwork and problem solving 
  • Social action 
  • Sport and fitness 
  • Healthy living 
  • Communication 
  • Respect and relationships 
  • Managing emotions in positive ways Improving peer relationships 

Case study

Our Bridge provision was developed in conjunction with the education centre and was designed to encourage the development of team work and communication skills, to enhance self-confidence, and give young people the opportunity to develop new skills, experience new activities, achieve accreditation and push themselves outside of their comfort zones. 

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57% improved communication skills
71% reported working better in a team
86% said they would use skills learnt to better engage with education