Many of our programmes and initiatives run over a fixed period. The programmes are carefully scheduled to lead young people through a logical sequence of activities to conclusion. 

These fixed programmes can vary from a single day, several concurrent days or a programme spread over weeks or months. Fixed term programmes are often non-residential, but where the objectives are best met by a residential course, we will plan accordingly. 

Themes of programmes include the following: 

  • Independent living skills 
  • Outdoor/environmental learning 
  • Employability skills 
  • Teamwork and problem solving 
  • Social action 
  • Sport and fitness 
  • Healthy living 
  • Communication 
  • Respect and relationships 
  • Managing emotions in positive ways 
  • Improving peer relationship 
  • Transition to secondary school


    Case study

    Our Catalyst fixed term programme was designed to help young people whose situation may have distanced them from their learning, families and community. 

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    70% reported getting on better with their family
    70% saw an improvement in confidence
    70% said they had improved their communication skills and learnt to work in a team
    100% said they had learnt to make their own decisions on the Catalyst programme