We are the training provider with a positive difference. When you book a course with Safehands Training not only do you gain an accreditation and fulfil a statutory duty of care, you will also be supporting a local charity.

Safehands Training exists for two clear reasons.

  1. To provide exceptional training to businesses, community groups and individuals through a range of course options; particularly focussing on first aid and health & safety.
  2. To reinvest any profit towards the charitable objectives of Youth Options; in order to provide a better future for young people.

Aside from the unique opportunity to give something back you your local community whilst gaining a qualification yourself, the benefits keep on coming:


All courses are tailored to your exacting needs - location, number of attendees, times/days of delivery - the bases are covered with Safehands Training.

Competitive prices

Our flexibility naturally means we can offer extremely competitive prices.  By operating for charitable purposes, you can be safe in the knowledge you won’t be paying a premium to line somebody else’s pockets. So, whether it’s an individual or group booking you’ll be getting a better deal than elsewhere.

Experienced instructors

Finding the right person to deliver your training is the biggest factor towards making a course enjoyable and educational. That’s why we go above and beyond the industry standard in using trainers that have real world experience alongside their theoretical expertise. Our instructors have been there, seen it and done it.

Support staff

We understand that choosing the right type of course and getting your head around legislation can be hard work. So to make life easy our team will help every step of the way. From dissecting your health and safety risk assessment to the minute logistics, Safehands Training will ease your workload.

Life skills

It goes without saying really, but our courses aren’t just about ticking a box for legal reasons. Attendees leave with skills that could save a life anywhere, at any time.

Training Types
First Aid

First Aid

Bespoke First Aid


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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Bespoke Health &

Safety Training

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