Youth Options delivers a range of open access services including youth clubs, detached youth work and open access play sessions. 

We are able to offer both mobile and centre based services that are planned to fit in with the current needs of the communities we work in. 

Our aim is to provide a safe environment where young people have access to informal learning opportunities and information and guidance around a whole range of issues meaning that they are better informed about life choices and the opportunities that are available to them. 

Types of activities include:

  • Sports and games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Play
  • Life skills workshops
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Signposting

We currently run a variety of Open Access Youth Work Programmes across Southampton and in Burseldon, Hamble and Hound. Click here to see our Detached Map! 

Detached Youth Work

Detached Youth Work involves making contact with young people in their own territory and exploring their needs, building relationships with them and providing support. 

Our teams operate across designated areas specifically targeting hot spots as identified by the Police and other services to help tackle anti-social behaviour and/or disrupt child sexual exploitation. 

The majority of our mobile projects run late afternoon, when many young people are leaving school, and into the evening when young people often congregate in local areas where they are perceived to be problematic. This service is also ideal for school holidays when there are more young people about, often with nothing to do.  

Centre Based

Centre Based Youth Work is delivered from a specific venue where young people are able to participate in a range of activities in a safe environment. Activities are designed to support young people’s social and emotional development.